Apply to partner with an Indian fintech institution

The Asian Development Bank is giving UK institutions the opportunity to express an interest in partnering with the International Fintech Institute, located in GIFT City (Gujarat International Finance Tec-City) in India.

Open to recognised academic and research institutions, universities and Centres of Excellence in collaboration with relevant institutes of research, the aim of the partnership is to curate, design, develop and deliver effective and relevant training, incubation and research services to students and entrepreneurs.

Key objectives and milestones for the selected partner

The selected UK institution will have:

(i) identified programmes/trainings in fintech and allied industries

(ii) have established offerings in competency building of young professionals, students and professionals across the multiple themes in fintech and fintech related courses

(iii) expanded exposure for students and early-stage firms through incubation and mentorship.

The institution will also be expected to foster and promote R&D in the fields of social and gender-inclusive fintech, climate finance and emerging financial technologies.

Programme duration

The expected duration of the programme is five years.

The partner is expected to submit a work plan for the years 2024-2029 (including budget, KPIs, milestones, deliverables and Outputs), as well as a longer-term sustainability plan to ensure the viability of the project beyond the five years.

How to apply

Link to project documentation:

Also refer to the two document downloads below. 

Link to expression of interest submission form.

Response deadline: 7 June 2024

Action Required

Link to project documents and the expression of interest submission form

Respond by 7 June 2024.

For any questions, contact Piyush Gandhi, Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Company Limited, at Piyush.gandhi@giftgujarat