TNE Partnership Opportunity in Sri Lanka

About Imperial Institute of Higher Education

Imperial Institute of Higher Education specialises in business management related programmes and offer different variety of learning programmes since its inception in 1996. IIHE has supported over 4,000 graduates and offers curriculum designed to meet global business demands, transcending regional limitations in catering to diverse employment markets around the world.

IIHE faculty comprises industry leaders who have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields, ensuring their students receive instruction grounded in practical expertise. To make learning more meaningful, IIHE provides improved facilities aimed at enriching students' academic journeys and fostering personal development. IIHE campus has invested in cutting-edge libraries and comprehensive student support services. Committed to nurturing student success in all aspects of their lives, IIHE provides students with the resources and assistance necessary for academic excellence, personal growth, and professional advancement.

Affordability is a major consideration at IIHE, and they use this as a tool to increase access for students to their courses. Student engagement and welfare is another priority for IIHE. They offer variety of opportunities for students to develop their skills and to become visionary leaders and skilled professionals. IIHE recognises the importance of real-world application, and thus prioritise cultivating a mindset of practicality and innovation.

Expected collaboration

IIHE is looking for a UK university to offer postgraduate programmes which includes MBA, DBA, and PhD. With the experience and expertise in conducting business related programmes, IIHE is open to develop meaningful partnerships that benefit their students and interested partners while helping to minimise social and economic divide in Sri Lanka.

Expected benefits through this collaboration

Through this partnership, IIHE expects to offer quality postgraduate programmes at affordable costs in Sri Lanka. Partnering with IIHE will enhance reputation and credibility for partner organisation and access to diverse professional student community in Sri Lanka as well as opportunities for collaborative research at postgraduate level.



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For more information, please contact

Mr Chrishan Mendis (CEO)


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Mrs Sulakna Wickramasekera

Manager- sales & Marketing


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