Design and deliver a MOOC on living in the UK

The British Council is seeking a supplier to devise, deliver and facilitate a new Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) entitled Study UK: Living in the UK – a guide for international students.

Aimed at supporting international students, especially in advance of arrival in the UK, this two-week course will help to set their expectations and make the transition to living in another country as smooth as possible.

The course will help them understand how to adapt to a new environment, understand accommodation options and the cost of living, how to make new friends and build a support network at university and beyond, and what opportunities are available outside the classroom.

The course is part of the British Council’s commitment to supporting international students to live in the UK, we are producing this course to improve our offer for our prospective and current students.

Key details

The course will run for two weeks – once in June 2024 and once again in November 2024 – and learners will be expected to spend about three to four hours per week on course content.

Videos should be central to the content and a tutor/tutors will appear repeatedly throughout the course.

This course will be delivered online and will be facilitated by the supplier.

What topics should be covered?

Proposals should suggest specific module titles and associated descriptions for each.

Some areas that could be covered in the course content (in no particular order) are:

  • cost of living, including regional variations
  • accommodation options
  • living and studying in a multicultural environment
  • healthcare
  • accessibility, diversity and inclusion
  • transport
  • banking
  • making new friends and extra-curricular activities
  • exploring the UK
  • work opportunities for students.

Expected outcomes

By the end of the course, learners should:

  • understand accommodation options available and their advantages and disadvantages
  • understand the healthcare system in the UK and associated costs
  • understand the transport system in the UK
  • understand the cost of living, including regional variations
  • understand what support is available for students
  • understand what extracurricular activities and voluntary or paid work opportunities are available.

About the Study UK campaign

The Study UK campaign launched in November 2016 and is delivered by the British Council in partnership with UK government’s GREAT Britain campaign, which encourages people to visit, invest, and study in the UK

Study UK shares the best of British education with an international audience to attract the brightest and best students to come and study here. It is the only national-level campaign that promotes the UK as a first-choice study destination all over the world.
As part of our digital advertising campaign, we raise awareness of the UK’s strengths in relation to our three key pillars – great student experience; employability and career opportunities; and academic excellence and quality of teaching. We want our content to deliver these key messages to our prospective international students and influencers to encourage them to choose to study in the UK.

Action Required

For more details and to apply, refer to the documents in the downloads section below.

Application deadline: 24 December 2023, 23.59 UK time

Contact: send questions and clarifications to