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UK universities marking boycott makes headlines in Indian press

Recently, a few key Indian newspapers reported about the ongoing marking boycott by academic staff in the UK and its impact on students.  This is beginning to catch attention as the reports note that some UK institutions are cancelling graduation events, with the strikes further affecting students' ability to obtain and begin employment without their final marks. 

British Council comments

India is now the top sender of overseas students to UK universities, with almost 140,000 student visas issued in 2022.  This was a 73 per cent increase over 2021, or around four times the visas that were issued in 2019.

However, local press coverage of the marking boycott and delays to students’ graduation could have an effect on Indian students’ attitudes towards the UK and put part of this recent progress at risk.

Sentiment towards studying in the UK has already been under pressure this year with the new immigration announcement that disallows most dependents to accompany student visa holders. This contrasts with the overtures made by Australia and Canada and the various incentives being offered to attract Indian students. Competition is likely to become tougher, and recent research by the British Council (to be launched in September 2023) has already observed a shift in the Indian market towards Australia. 

We advise UK universities to keep in touch with their students from India and elsewhere, especially those who have already sat their final year exams, and provide them as much support and information as possible to navigate through this uncertainty.