Five trends in China's outbound student market

by Jazreel Goh
Higher Education Institutions

Mat Wright

This report highlights five key trends in China’s outbound student market, which remains the single most important source of international student enrolments for the UK higher education sector. The five trends discussed in this report each describe part of a fundamental shift that has taken place in China’s education market. Covid-19 has exacerbated some of these trends, but it has not by itself caused any of them. In combination, these trends point to a market that is rapidly evolving and becoming more competitive. For UK institutions, this increases the urgency of re-assessing how their recent recruitment performance in China compares with the overall market.


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About the Author

Jazreel Goh
East Asia Hub - Country Director Malaysia

Jazreel leads the East Asia Consulting Team and is an expert in socio-economics research and marketing consultancy. In 2011 she set up British Council’s Education Intelligence Unit – the first e-marketing platform dedicated to international education research for the global industry.

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